Community sponsorship

Would you like to get involved in helping settle female athletes and their families?  

This is an incredible opportunity to change someone’s life.

We are working with a group of female athletes, who need our help and support. Level Playing Field is working to extract them from their current circumstances and welcome these women and their families to Ireland, using community sponsorship as a vehicle. These people will need help as they settle into life in Ireland.

 If you have free time and would be interested in helping support these athletes as part of a Community Support Group, please fill in a brief form by clicking here or email and Level Playing Field will get in touch.

Who are Level Playing Field?

Playing Field was set up and is working to extract these players from their current circumstances.  Using community sponsorship as a vehicle, Level Playing Field aims to welcome these women and their families to Ireland. 

What is Community Sponsorship?

Community sponsorship empowers members of the public who wish to become the face of welcome in their local community and to assume responsibility for providing a range of integration supports to a refugee family.  

What is involved?

Please see “A Community Sponsorship Welcome to Ireland” from the Irish Refugee Council.  This approach is all about supporting people to successful independent living in Ireland. Help such as accessing social support, health, education and banking as well as integration into the community.

What sort of people are needed?

This is an amazing opportunity to shape someone’s life; there is no specific experience or background required. However, you must have available time.  This should be considered as a 2 year commitment to helping the family resettle, with the first 6 months requiring the greatest time commitment.  

Why should someone get involved?

Your involvement will have a life changing impact on these incredibly brave people. 

Is fundraising required?

Yes, fundraising is needed to support the family.  They will have left their home and belongings behind and will be beginning their lives in Ireland.  The Irish Refugee Council recommends a fundraising target of €10,000 to support a family.  Given that these players may be arriving to Galway shortly, Level Playing Field can assist with fundraising.

What support is available?

One of the most important items for community sponsorship is the Resettlement Plan which sets out how the family will be supported. A sample Resettlement Plan is available from Level Playing Field which can be adapted to suit specific locations.  Online training is also available.  Level Playing Field can also link the group to local supports available.

I am interested - what do I do next?

Fill in a brief form by clicking here or send an email to if you have any questions. We will then get in touch with you. We will also connect you with other people who have come forward to offer support in your area.

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